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Fit for Techies

Hotel Near Seattle Tech Scene + Companies

Explore the Seattle tech scene

Being a nerd may be considered uncool in some places, but in Seattle, it’s a way of life. Nerdiness is part of the backbone of the city, and we’ve got the tech companies to prove it — everything from established greats like Microsoft and Amazon to intriguing new startups that are poised to be the major players of the future. If you’re here for a meeting or consulting gig, the Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle is the perfect place to stay — not only will you enjoy our laidback yet upscale & social vibe, but we’re also well within close proximity to tons of companies’ headquarters and offices in Seattle:

Amazon ( 12-minute walk )

Located in the Denny Triangle area of downtown Seattle, Amazon's Headquarters spans multiple modern structures, including the iconic glass domes known as The Spheres. The expansive campus is known for its blend of innovative architecture and green spaces.

Google ( 13-minute drive )

The Google Office in Seattle, situated in the vibrant Fremont neighborhood, showcases a blend of cutting-edge design and sustainable features reflective of the tech giant's innovative spirit. Guests staying nearby and visiting for business or tours will experience a bustling atmosphere, given its role as a central hub for Google's cloud and other tech-driven initiatives.

Microsoft ( 19-minute drive )

Microsoft's primary campus is located in nearby Redmond. This sprawling campus is the birthplace of many of Microsoft's innovations and serves as the nerve center for its global operations, making it a must-visit for tech enthusiasts and business professionals alike.

Tableau ( 13-minute drive )

The Tableau office in Seattle, located in the Fremont neighborhood, is a beacon for data enthusiasts. With its modern architecture and proximity to the Fremont Canal, it's not only a hub for tech innovation but also a picturesque location that embodies Seattle's blend of technology and natural beauty.

Expedia ( 14-minute drive )

Expedia Group's sprawling campus in Seattle boasts a state-of-the-art workspace with views overlooking the Elliott Bay. Located in the Interbay neighborhood, this modern facility reflects Expedia's commitment to innovation in travel technology.

eBay ( 16-minute drive )

eBay's office in Bellevue serves as one of its strategic locations, contributing to its global operations and innovation efforts.

Meta ( 8-minute drive )

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has a significant presence in Seattle, making it one of the company's largest engineering hubs outside of its Menlo Park headquarters. Located in the heart of the city, Meta's Seattle office plays a pivotal role in advancing various tech initiatives and projects.

F5 Network ( 4-minute walk )

F5 Networks has a notable presence in downtown Seattle with its headquarters offering panoramic views of the city and waterfront. This central location serves as a hub for the company's global innovation and operations in the tech industry.

Zillow ( 8-minute walk )

Zillow, the leading real estate and rental marketplace, has its headquarters situated in the heart of downtown Seattle. This central location reflects Zillow's commitment to innovation and its deep roots in the Pacific Northwest's tech ecosystem.

Electronic Arts (EA) ( 3-minute walk )

EA games PopCap studios, has its origins in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. The location has long been a testament to Seattle's thriving game development scene, blending creativity and technological prowess.

Apple ( 5-minute walk )

Apple has bolstered its presence in Seattle, leveraging the region's abundant tech expertise. The Seattle office of Apple is pivotal in spearheading a range of technological endeavors, underscoring the city's prominence in the tech landscape.

Teague ( 8-minute walk )

Teague's Seattle office, located in the Pacific Northwest, is a hub of design innovation, blending modern aesthetics with the company's pioneering spirit. This space reflects Teague's dedication to collaborative creativity and its rich history in design.